Made a change to be on a course run by engineers using real parts and not relying on charts and graphs; very good. BAE Systems Farnborough.

                          Practice in looking, observing, deducing and analysing was invaluable. RAIB Derby

                          Course has re-focused my thinking on investigations, which is part of my responsibilities. Goodrich Wolverhampton

                          Gave the opportunity to take time to observe and discuss a number of aspects of component failure thro’ from design to failure modification. RAIB Derby

                          Excellently presented and a fantastic course. R-R Canada

                          Very enjoyable and interesting; of considerable value to my job (F760 investigations). BAE Systems Farnborough

                          Wish I had been given this course 15 years ago. This was high quality useful training …that gave practical instruction and guidance. Bombardier Aerospace

                          Probably the best, most practical course, I’ve attended in the last 10 years. R-R Indianapolis

                          I think all Service Engineers should be required to have this course! Great job. R-R Indianapolis

                          I recently joined Fleet Engineering Team so course was extremely useful as part of introduction.R-R Marine Bristol

                          A useful reference guide ~ very good detailed book. Goodrich Solihull

                          A fascinating insight and very useful for the future ~ excellent all-round course, good variation, delivery and use of practical examples. Goodrich Solihull

                          Developed a more analytical approach to defect investigation. BAE Systems Warton

                          Illustrated very well the attention to detail that is needed when faced with a failure. BAE Systems Warton

                          Excellent presentations by all presenters, imparting a wealth of experience in a most interesting way. BAE Systems Chadderton

                          Excellent to have good understanding of how the theoretical failure modes actually manifest themselves in service. R-R (BMW)Deutschland

                          The best training I’ve ever had!! R-R (BMW)Deutschland

                          ‘Hands-on’ examples, coupled with extensive engineering theory made for a very impressive course. East Kilbride Engineering Services

                          Increased confidence – able to understand failure modes and subsequently challenge others more. MOD DARA Fleetlands

                          Excellent course, giving greater understanding of how and why failures occur, but more importantly, it has identified a structured process in which to follow in order that potentially vital information is less likely to be missed. Many thanks. MOD

                          Outstanding. “Knowledge is best acquired from the knowledgeable”: this course proves the quote to be true! R-R Canada

                          Excellent presentations from extremely knowledgeable and friendly lectures. A definite benefit; I now have a new awareness of investigation techniques. Eaton Aerospace Ltd

                          Probably the best and the most relevant course that I have ever been on. R-R Energy Ansty


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