Employer Training  Benefits

The benefits that could accrue to your Company from the O-D-A course are:

Identify and cure the Root Cause. When a failure occurs, either in-service or at a critical phase in a development programme, it is essential to identify and cure the Root Cause.

Obviate cost of fixing the Symptom. Wrongly tackling the symptom can waste time, effort and incur unnecessary cost; moreover, it is likely to push the problem elsewhere, resulting in a more disastrous failure.

Systematic Investigation Technique. The techniques and skills developed during the O-D-A course, focuses your engineers to follow a systematic approach, based on evidence gleaned through critical examination of the failed component and, robust deductions based on fact. (The observation/examination and deduction is analogous to a crime scene.)

Proven Methodology. The O-D-A methodology was developed over 20 years ago and has been adopted by many leading companies as a very effective and proven method of identifying correctly the Root Cause of failure, thereby, minimising the chance of failure recurrence.

Capitalise on FMECA Methodology. The application of FMECA methodology can also assist in failure investigation, but when applied during the design process and system integration, it will encourage engineers to consider the effects of a single part failure on the integrity of the whole system. Our experience is that FMECA does not get applied to repairs and modifications.

Direct Engineering Relevance. The O-D-A course has been developed by engineers and is delivered by highly experienced engineers, imparting proven practical knowledge that is of direct relevance to your business needs.

O-D-A Course Applicability. The O-D-A course is geared to include: Design, Stress, Failure Investigation, Accident Investigation, Research and Development, Reliability and Statistical Analysis, FMECA, Product Support, On-line Maintenance, Airworthiness, Metallurgy and Nuclear Propulsion and Reactor Technology.

‘Get it right first time’. The O-D-A course will help your engineers to ‘get it right first time’, thus resulting in the following benefits:

. Reducing unnecessary costs.

. Improving reliability, and hence your company’s reputation.

. Minimising the likelihood of liability issues or, possible litigation action.



     Employee Training  Benefits

The benefits that you and your Company could accrue from the O-D-A course are:

Recognise and Understand Failure Modes. You will have gained a broad grounding on how to identify and understand failure modes in materials.

Correct Terminology. You will learn the correct vocabulary and terminology, thereby enhancing your credibility when conducting failure investigation and when discussing details with the customer or specialist.

Observation and Deduction Techniques. You will improve your skills of making detailed observations and capturing clues associated with a failure and then drawing robust deductions from those facts and ‘non-facts’.

Forensic Engineering. The O-D-A course embraces Root Cause Analysis techniques and covers the basis of Forensic Engineering. i.e It is analogous to a crime scene whereby, you will gather background information, conduct a careful and detailed examination of the failed part and then make your deductions, followed by you making an analysis of ‘the way ahead’.

Gain Confidence. Regardless of background or experience, on completion of our O-D-A Failure Investigation training course you will be far more confident in your approach, be less reticent to challenge ‘expert’ opinions and you will be able to ask more probing questions from a position of strength.

Gain Credibility. The training provided will also be extremely beneficial to you if are in direct contact with the customer, e.g. field service representatives. Your credibility will be greatly enhanced as you will now become the ‘intelligent representative’ rather than being merely a ‘post person’. Moreover, you will be better trained to gather crucial background information required for failure investigations.

Skills Transfer. You will gain from the considerable skills transfer of the highly experienced professional tutors.

Career Development and Enhancement. The O-D-A course places you is a much stronger position for you to enhance and develop your career. Furthermore, the knowledge and skill gained will be very beneficial during assessment interviews for professional institutions